DRH Construction is experienced with small- to large-scale renovations for customers in Calgary and the surrounding area. We can help you renovate everything from basements, to bathrooms, to the entire home, to better suit your lifestyle or family’s needs.

Interior Renovations

We are as passionate as you are about an investment that will make your home feel like yours. Contact us today to see how we can help.

The majority of the time, when you purchase a previously-owned home, it is not the design or style you may have imagined your dream home to be. Whether the kitchen is too cluttered, or the entire home looks outdated, a renovation can significantly refresh your home and bring it to life. Realize your home’s full potential, and transform it into a space you’ll love living in!

DRH is careful to work with what you have, and respectful of key features that you may want to keep or highlight in combination with the new look. We can create designs that will complement your home’s existing architecture, and propose ideas or alternatives to help you achieve your home goals—whether it is to modernize, expand, or improve functionality. No matter how “impossible” it seems, we’ll find a solution that meets your needs!

Kitchen Remodelling

We perform kitchen renovation projects, from large to small! Learn more about our kitchen remodelling services here.

Bathroom Remodelling

Update or upgrade your bathrooms with a high quality renovation. Learn more about our bathroom remodelling services here.

Basement Development

Undeveloped or underused basement? This area of your home has a lot of potential. Learn more about our basement development and renovations here.

Modernize Your Home
If your home feels completely dated, we can perform a large-scale renovation. Whether it needs a paint job, carpet or flooring replacement, new finishings, or all of the above, we can transform your house into something you’ll be proud to call “home.” Don’t settle for living somewhere that feels dreary or unwelcoming! Our professionals have worked with almost everything, from wood-panelled walls to shag carpet, so don’t be afraid to contact us and see what your options are.

Often, changing your flooring can significantly brighten up or refresh your home. Many clients upgrade from carpet (which may carry blemishes and dust from years past) to smooth and elegant hardwood. Individual rooms can also benefit from a change in flooring, such as faded kitchen linoleum or stained bathroom tile. Our suppliers offer a variety of high quality options to best fit your vision, and we are dedicated to bringing that vision to life through exceptional workmanship.