Is it time to refresh your home’s appearance? Do you want to list your home for sale? At DRH we can find an economic and fitting option custom to your needs.

Exterior Renovations

Not happy with your curb appeal? Often, a few exterior upgrades is all it takes to get your home noticed—in a good way! Older homes may suffer from worn-out materials or outdated colour palettes, which are can easily be improved by performing a few exterior renovations. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s appearance for your own personal enjoyment, or because you want to list your home for sale, we can find an economic and fitting option for your needs.

We also do insurance restorations for roofing, siding, and other exterior features that have been affected by hail, wind, fire, and other related damages.

DRH Construction has access to a variety of high quality materials from long-time suppliers. We have options that are economic, economically-friendly, or exceptionally durable! Whether your roof material is damaged or worn out and needs replacing, or you would like to create a completely new look for your roof, we’re happy to help. Contact our roofing experts to learn more today.

Your home’s siding has a remarkable impact on the overall attractiveness of your home. Worn out, discoloured or faded siding can significantly age your home, and make it appear much older than it really is. Many clients would be surprised at how a simple change in the colour or type of siding can completely modernize the look of their home. Along with quality materials from our suppliers, we will transform your home’s siding and exterior into something that will truly wow. Contact us to learn about our siding services and solutions today.

Eavestroughs, although often overlooked, contribute greatly to your home—both aesthetically and functionally. Broken or missing eavestroughs not only distract from a finished appearance, but can damage your home in the long-term. Eavestroughs serve to transport rainwater, melted snow, and ice away from your home—so that it does not build up and cause problems. These problems range in everything from causing peeling paint to structural damage. We repair and replace all kinds of eavestroughs, and will happily help you select a style that complements your home’s exterior. Contact our expert eavestrough installers to learn more about how we can help today.