Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, contemporary or rustic, we’ll design a completely custom home with all the rooms, functions, & additions you want.


DRH Construction works to build brand new, custom-designed homes in Calgary and the surrounding area. We are capable of turning our clients’ visions of a dream home into a reality—whether it’s a home that boasts luxurious inner-city living, or a sumptuous retreat on the outskirts of the city. When it comes to creating a custom home, we recognize that our clients all have a uniquely individual perspective on what will truly make their home theirs. We value your needs and ideas, and seek to help you create a space that will exceed all of these expectations!

Above all, we deliver top quality workmanship—on time and on budget!

DRH has experience with a variety of different styles and tastes, from the overall curb appeal to the interior design. Whether your tastes are modern or more traditional, contemporary or rustic, we will work with you to design a home that has all the rooms, functions, and additions you want. We work with our long-time partners and high quality suppliers to build out each and every detail, and bring your dream home to life through every fixture, feature, and finish.

DRH Construction is the total package. With our experienced and passionate project manager overseeing the entire process, you won’t have to worry about missing any details. We also pride ourselves on being honest, transparent, and a team professionals you can truly trust to complete your dream home project.