Our Process

1. Discovery Phase

During the first step, we will have a thorough Q&A session to ensure that we understand your needs and goals. We also want you to understand our process and what we can do to help you achieve your vision If you do not know exactly what you want (and that’s okay—many people don’t!), we will offer some suggestions based on what you are looking for.

2.Preliminary Blueprints

Next, we will sit down with you and finalize the vision for your project. This includes going over all of the finer details and overall appeal. If applicable, we will also create and design elements that will help you better visualize how the end result will look.

3. Payment Options

Before any services begin, we will confirm the cost and set up a payment schedule. During this stage, we will require a deposit to start.

4. Building Phase

Providing New Home Warranty coverage, and will acquire the necessary building permits, inspections, and a surveyor to prepare the lot for construction. After it has been staked out, the foundation excavated and concrete poured, building can commence.

5. Design

During this step, you will meet with our professional journeymen to confirm the designs for interior work and finishing options. This includes cabinetry, countertops, flooring, painting, and plumbing. Our contractors are all professional partners who are qualified, insured, and members of WCB.

6. Initial Inspection

Before completion, we will conduct a walkthrough with you to identify any concerns or deficiencies. During this time, we will prepare a touch-up list if necessary, and DRH Construction will have these issues addressed within a week.

7. Final Inspection

We will conduct a final inspection with you, 4 days to week after the prior inspection, to ensure that any of the previous concerns have been dealt with to your satisfaction.

8. Move In & Possession

Congratulations—your vision has come to life! We are committed to creating an end product that matches your original vision as closely as possible, and are happy that you have chosen us to undertake this exciting journey.