About Us

DRH Construction has proudly built up experience for over 40 years.

DRH Construction

DRH Construction is a professional general contractor in Calgary, Alberta. We design, renovate, and construct custom homes for over 40 years. Our Project Manager is a professional tradesman with extensive experience in all aspects of the homebuilding process, and has supervised over 750 homes & projects since 1973.

DRH Construction is committed to delivering top quality workmanship—on time and on budget. We are a fully insured and licensed contractor, with long-time supplier relationships and competitive pricing. We also pride ourselves on our personal and professional relationships with our customers, and honour our values of being trustworthy, transparent, and straightforward. We truly care about your investment in your home, and want to help you bring your vision to life!

We offer professional services in Calgary and the surrounding area, including

  • Project management services
  • New home construction
  • Interior renovations, including flooring, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom remodelling
  • Exterior renovations, such as roofing, siding, and eavestrough installation
  • Garages, add-ons, and second-storey additions
  • Basement development
  • Decks and fences
  • Insurance restoration (flooding, wind, and hail)

We are dedicated to bringing your dream to life—no matter what it takes! We’re happy to work with any kind of need, budget, or idea. We are committed to finding a solution that is right for you, and your complete satisfaction is our ultimate aim. DRH Construction offers an experience that is honest, open, and transparent. We are a down-to-earth team who wants to develop a real relationship with our clients.

DRH Construction 1 Year Warranty
Five year warranty on all labour and services. Material warranties as per individual manufacturer.

Our Founder

In 1973, Doug began working as a labourer on the wrong side of a pick and shovel. Materials were still only moved by hand, without forklifts. After working in design and sales of kitchen cabinets, Doug began working on a mixed farm and as a labourer in a lumber yard. He eventually worked his way up to yard foreman, and gained experience in everything from shipping and receiving, estimating, purchasing, management, and contract sales.

Doug then began developing his career in the housing industry, working as a coordinator, estimator, purchaser, and customer liaison, as well as a sales manager. He sold the latest air tools and equipment to contractors, and acted as a construction supervisor for approximately 700 single family homes. He also worked as a construction finishing supervisor and project manager for multi-family construction projects.

Doug has worked as an all-around estimator, construction manager, organizer with various trades, and a customer liaison. Construction is his passion, and his experience and expertise is what makes DRH Construction the best choice for your dream home project!

As DRH Construction’s detail-oriented project manager, he takes care of the overall building process—from blueprint development, to trade sourcing and on-site supervision, to liaising with clients. Doug believes that creating a home is not just about the manual labour and materials involved, but more so the relationship that is formed between homeowner and homebuilder. It is also a full process that requires careful consideration from the sourcing and quality of supplies, all the way up to the finished product. DRH Construction was established to help people fulfill their dreams and make their vision of home a reality—economically, passionately, and with excellence. All of our work comes from the bottom of our heart!

Our Values

Above all, DRH Construction is committed to delivering top quality workmanship—on time and on budget!

  • Every design is based on your specifications.
  • We aim to be as energy efficient as possible.
  • We will do our best to make the impossible happen.
  • We give you our heart and our hard hat, every time.
  • From $5000-$100,000+, we will work with and find a solution for every budget.

Our Philosophy

DRH Construction believes in forming a personal and professional relationship with our clients, so we can best bring their vision to life. Every design is based on your specifications, needs, and budget, meaning we will always find the right solution that works for you. We are also happy to offer our experience and expertise at any time during the process. If you are unsure about what you need, what can be done, or how to best utilize your budget to meet your goals, we will gladly provide ideas and options that will fit your needs.